Manufacturing information

As there are neither cotton plantations nor spinning mills in Germany and Switzerland, all cotton textiles in the form of textile or yarn have to be imported.

75% of the world's cotton production takes place in Asia. In Europe, cotton is grown only in Portugal and Turkey (but there also in the Asian part).

Therefore, and in order to keep the transport distances as short as possible, we have decided to source all materials (GOTS certified cotton, tree resin, organic coconut oil and beeswax) including the FSC certified paper from sustainable cultivation for the packaging in Vietnam and also to directly process them on site.

Since only beeswax and tree resin are available from Swiss or German production and the cotton textiles, the coconut oil and often also the packaging (mostly the pulp comes from Brazil) have to be imported, it is much more sustainable to source all raw materials and materials locally in Vietnam and also process them locally.

Compared to beeswax from industrialized nations, beeswax from Vietnam has the advantage that no pesticide residues can get into the wax, as fortunately in Vietnam agriculture rarely uses pesticides.

Nevertheless, we regularly test our beeswax for its purity and for 60 different pesticide residues. Because not all beeswax is the same.

The printing inks we use are also food-safe and are regularly tested by us for their food-safety. This is because normal printing inks very often contain heavy metals such as lead and cadmium.

For these reasons, we strongly recommend consumers who want to make their own beeswax cloths to make sure that they: use unprinted organic textiles and beeswax that has been tested for pesticide residues for waxing.

For our packaging we use only FSC certified paper from sustainable cultivation.